Macuco Trail and Arrechea Waterfall

• Length: 7,000 meters there and back (7,655 yards)
• Accessibility: wild path, without transports.
• Difficulty: low in the first 3,200 meters (3,499 yards), high in the following 200 meters (218 yards), and medium in the final 100 meters (109 yards).
• Final destination:  Arrechea Stream waterfall and pool.
• Estimated time of visit: 3 hours
• Restrooms and bar: only at the beginning, at the Rainforest Ecological Train Central Station.

This trail has the name of a bird of the South American partridge family, a brown bird bigger than a chicken.
The access to the Macuco Trail is allowed from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and it should be completed during daylight.
The thickness of the surrounding environment makes it hard to see the fauna, which is why all the senses must be sharpened. Visitor should walk carefully and look for animal tracks and watch the colorful variety of insects.
Luckily, caí monkeys can be spotted as this is their natural habitat. They live on trees, are restless and very curious. They move in groups of no more than 20 individuals. They eat fruits, and the forest has everything they need. It is advised that visitors should not approach them or feed them, and simple watch their natural behavior without interfering.
Along this path, there are six interpretation stations that help visitors understand some of all the area rich biodiversity.
The Macuco Trail ends at the edge of the Iguazú canyon. Thousands of years ago, the Falls were located at this point, and gradually moved backwards to their current location. Nowadays, their old location has been taken up by many streams that flow into the Iguazú River, such as the Arrechea Stream, which has an amazing, paradisaical 20 meters high (65.62 ft) cascade before the end.