Luna llena

Full Moon

“A one-of-a-kind show that must be seen.”

During any of the four seasons, from dawn to late at night, the moon is really amazing as it changes its color until it becomes full. Iguazú Argentina invites visitors to this great event that wins everybody’s heart, and offers a night tour going from Central Train Station on the Ecological Rain Forest to the Iguazú Falls Devil´s Throat.

While watching the waterfalls in the Full Moon silver light, time just stops, words are no longer necessary, and one cannot help not wanting to go back.

The fascination that this night tour exerts on visitors is extraordinary: many try to make the most of the twilight by giving themselves to meditation, others renew their love vows, and there are always visitors who shed tears of emotions for such unforgettable show that seeing the falling waters at full moon is.

Yet, the moon guides visitors back to the Rainforest Ecological Train to return to Central Train Station and go from there to La Selva Restaurant, where a courtesy toast is given to all the visitors.


The tour has limited spaces, 120 people per tour.

Full Moon Tour without dinner:

•    Adults: $ 600.00
•    Children from 6 to 12 years old: $ 300.00
•    Children under 6 years old: free of charge

Optional dinner at La Selva Restaurant, drinks not included.

Optional dinner at La Selva Restaurant:

•    Adults: $ 250.00
•    Children from 6 to 12 years old: $ 125.00
•    Children under 6 years old: free of charge


Fees are in Argentinean currency and include VAT, night access to the Iguazú National Park, professional, bilingual guides, the Rainforest Ecological Train transport, and a welcoming cocktail.

Information and Booking: – Phone: +54 3757 491469 491470

Payment Method: Credit Cards.


•    First round check in: 7:45 PM (optional dinner after tour).

•    Second round check in: 8:30 PM (optional dinner before or after tour).

•    Third round check in: 9:15 PM (optional dinner before tour).


1.    To make the tours, booking and payment confirmation must be done. Children under 6 must be confirmed when booking regardless of their free entrance since they need seats and must be covered by the insurance.

2.    Comfortable footwear and clothes are recommended. If necessary, a change of clothes should be brought due to the mist.

3.    The tours are not water excursions. Iguazú Argentina does NOT provide transport sevices from the city to the National Park.

4.    The Full Moon Tour availability is subject to weather conditions. Tours can be canceled whenever the required weather and safety conditions are not met. Such cancellation can be done even when visitors have arrived at the Park.

5.    In case of cancellation due to weather conditions, visitors are entitled to a 100% refund of the amount paid with the same payment method.

6.    If the contracting party cancels the tour for personal reasons,  the refund will be given providing that the request is done 48 hours prior to the booked and confirmed tour date.

7.    The tour cancellation does not refund the costs of transport to and from the National Park.

8.    Rescheduling a canceled booking is not automatic. Visitors must contact Iguazú Argentina to arrange a new date and round.

All the refunds due the weather conditions or other factors will be made after the end of the full moon tour within 24 hours to 48 hours.


Travel agencies in Puerto Iguazú offer the Full Moon Package, and the transport from the city to the National Park.

Visitor can contract transport services to the Park for the Full Moon Tour at taxi and remises (a service similar to taxis) agencies in Puerto Iguazú.

Urban public passenger transport is another option to go to the National Park at night and get back after the Full Moon Tour. Its night itinerary is similar to its daylight service, and the departure timetable from Hito Tres.

Fronteras in Puerto Iguazú is as follows:

For the Tour First Round:

•    Departure at 6:50 PM from Hito Tres Fronteras. Arrival at the Park at 7:30 PM.

•    Departure at 7:10 PM from Hito Tres Fronteras. Arrival at the Park at 7:40 PM.

For the Tour Second Round:

•    Departure at 7:30 PM from Hito Tres Fronteras. Arrival at the Park at 8:10 PM.

For the Tour Thrid Round:

•    Departure at 8:20 PM from Hito Tres Fronteras. Arrival at the Park at 9:00 PM.

Return from the Park to the city:

•   10:30 PM

•   11:30 PM

•   0:30 AM