Cataratas del Iguazú, Misiones Argentina.

Devil’s Throat

• Length: 2.200 meters long (1913 yards)
• Accessibility: high
• Difficulty: none, without stairs.
• Estimated time of visit: two hours.
• Access to this trail is allowed until 05:00pm.
• Restroom and bar: 20 meters away from the exit of the Circuit.

The tour to reach the lookout balcony of the majestic Devil’s Throat allows visitors to approach a few meters from the most important and mighty waterfall of the Iguazu Falls, whose image has traveled all around the world, similar to a giant funnel that swallows the planet.

The itinerary begins about 1,100 meters before the monumental fall, after getting off the Ecological Jungle Train at Devil’s Throat Station, which was designed with the purpose of generating the least possible environmental impact.

There, you can begin enjoying the environment that the Iguazu River and its small islands offer, actually a refuge of countless and picturesque deep blue jays.

The gangway leading to the balcony that faces the waterfall is just over a kilometer in length, is safe and quiet, either on wheelchair or by walking, due to the absence of obstacles and its absolutely flat character.

The end of the tour, at the balcony, gives us a magical and unique moment, staring at a huge wall of water over 80 meters high, located on the border of Argentina and the sister Republic of Brazil.

The folding system of gangways was designed to preserve them from being damaged due to an important increase in the flow of Iguazu River.

In normal circumstances, when the river is low, the railings are raised and the gangways allow the people get to the Balcony of the Devil’s Throat.

When the river increases its flow, railings are fold to allow the flow to pass through, by reducing the resistance, and thereby also enabling to pass a trunk floating above.

And if the river level is very high, the flow velocity increases, and that is the moment when the gangways detach themselves, to avoid compromising the concrete structure. Once the flow is down again, all the structure is reset.

When this process eventually occurs, access is not enabled for people, but the Iguazu National Park never closes its doors, and those who are visiting us, can come to enjoy the splendor that acquire the rest of the falls when the river rises, due to an unusual majesty that can only be appreciated in opportunities like these.

This system of gangways and security, proposed and approved by the National Parks Administration was possible because of the replacement of all the old wood gangways by these current ones, characterized by an ecological architectural development, and specially designed for for structural piles safeguard, preventing the circuit being closed long periods of time, as occured decades before.

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